Indian Mynas

The Indian / Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis) has been described as “the flying cane toad” which is apt as their invasion is proving as rapid and devastating as the cane toad. Some areas of Sydney and Newcastle are now so dominated by Indian Mynas it is difficult to find any other bird species. Most populated areas of the Clarence Valley now have the feral Indian Mynas but there is great control work happening.

Common Myna

Indian Myna trap. Photo: Bevan 

The CVCIA Indian Myna group organises the distribution and management of Myna traps and data throughout the Clarence Valley. We are assisted by the Clarence Valley Council and have received a Commonwealth Government “Caring for our Country” grant (from March 2012 to June 2013) to expand the program. CVCIA Volunteers Laura and Kevin are coordinating the Indian Myna Control Program and need as much help as you can provide.

Check out the What can I do? section to find out how to help, even just in your own backyard.

Enjoy our website, we hope it helps you to be informed and consider getting involved. You can help make a difference.

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