Indian Myna Identification

The Indian (Common) Myna is a brown bird about 23-25cm tall with black head and neck; and a yellow beak, eye patch, feet and legs. Its white wing patches are obvious when they are flying. On the ground, where Mynas prefer to feed, it walks (some say struts) rather than hops. If you prefer to watch a video click below and Laura will show you how to identify an Indian Myna vs the Native Noisy Miner:

Indian Myna ID

Indian Myna Identification (photo by Pam Kenway)

Click below to listen to an Indian Myna call

The bird most often mistaken for the Indian Myna is the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala) a protected native.

Although the Noisy Miner and the Indian Myna both have yellow skin behind the eye and a yellow beak, you can distinguish the native Noisy Miner by its predominantly grey body and white buffed underbelly. Noisy Miners are mainly nectar eaters so are not often seen hopping on the ground. Whilst this bird may be noisy around the garden and can be territorial, it does not pose the same threat to other birds and animals as the Indian Myna, and the Noisy Miner is a protected species.

Noisy Miner ID

Noisy Miner Identification (photo by Pam Kenway)

Click below to listen to a Noisy’s call

Beware – once you get your eye and ear in, you will start seeing and hearing Mynas everywhere! Remember to report any Myna sightings to MynaScan and in the Clarence Valley to so we can keep track of them as well.

If you are still not certain the bird you have is an Indian Myna, please phone Laura on 0456 472 177 or email who will be more than happy to assist.