Cane Toad ID

The NPWS website has a brief, but good introduction on how to identify a cane toad. The best part is the link to listen to a cane toad call – please practice your listening skills as this helps us to track the spread of toads in the valley.

The following is an excerpt on how to identify a cane toad, taken from the CVCIA Volunteer Training Manual . Thank you to NPWS,  the STTF and KTB organisations for permission to use these images. The full training manual can be downloaded in the Resources section of this website. This provides many images from spawn and tadpoles right through the adult toads.

CVCIA Cane Toad Identification Manual

If in doubt, please contact NPWS Grafton to confirm identification on 6641 1500 or email .

Here is a photo of a male and female cane toad side by side. The male is the smaller, yellow, more even toad, while the female is larger, darker and with patterns on her back.