Catching a toad

So how do you catch a toad and what do you do with it once you have it? Well here are the answers…

Catching a toad

Well, you can either:

  • Keep an eye out for cane toad eggs (spawn) and net them out before they hatch – check out the identification page to help you out. Cane toad spawn is very distinctive:- long, jelly-like strands with black dots long the strands.
  • Build a cane toad super trap and take them out on your place.
  • Manually pick up toads. Arm yourself with a hessian sack, gloves, gumboots and torches and head out.

DANGER!! Cane toads have poison glands on the back of their heads – always handle toads with gloves on. Many use disposable gloves and change the gloves regularly during a collection night.

Euthanasing a toad

We have all seen footage of the kids heading off with their golf clubs to “control” some cane toads, but that is just not the right thing to do. Every animal deserves a humane death and if you are not doing that, it is animal cruelty. It also jeopardises the future of feral animal control when things are not done humanely as programs like ours can get shut down if people are not acting professionally and humanely.

So how do you kill a cane toad humanely? Well, there is always much discussion on this, but in NSW, the currently accepted method is to put the toad into a fridge for at least 4 hours (overnight good) and then into a freezer for at least 3 days (or risk them coming back to life).

Now I completely understand that most people would not like a cane toad in their own fridge, which is why we have some fridges and freezers in the Clarence Valley for just such a purpose. There is a fridge and freezer at Woody Head and Grafton. We are still trying to arrange one in the Maclean and Yamba areas so stay tuned. Contact for assistance if you need it.

You now have no excuse so go on, get out there and start picking up toads!!