Status of the toad

The cane toad is spreading very rapidly in northern Australia and has unfortunately crossed over into Western Australia, despite a mammoth effort from volunteers of both the Stop The Toad Foundation and Kimberley Toadbusters.

cane toad spread in northern Australia

The line of the cane toad invasion in Northern Australia as at 2020.

In New South Wales, the cane toad is marching in a south-westerly direction and is currently found in Casino, Bungawalbin and Evans Head.

NSW Atlas map of cane toad spread

NSW cane toad distribution at 2020

 The Clarence Valley has played host to a disjunct population in Yamba for many years, and we now have satellite populations in Brooms Head, Townsend, Mororo, Woombah, Warregah Island, Micalo Island and Palmers Island.

Clarence Valley cane toad locations

The known locations of cane toads in Clarence Valley as at 2010. Map created from Google Map picture.

The objectives of the CVCIA cane toad program are to:

  1. Stop the cane toads getting into the tributaries of the Clarence River
  2. Stop the cane toads getting West of Ashby and West of Townsend
  3. Monitor and act upon sightings of cane toads in areas not previously seen
  4. Contain the current populations and if possible, reduce numbers in key areas such as Warregah, Woombah, Townsend, Micalo and Brooms Head.
  5. Work with landholders to make habitat less suitable for cane toad breeding
  6. Train as many members of the public and volunteers in cane toad identification, biology and habitat requirements.

We need your help to make a difference!!