About Us

Clarence Valley Conservation in Action (CVCIA Landcare) Incorporated is a registered not for profit group established with the purpose of enhancing the natural environment by controlling the spread of pest species in the Clarence Valley LGA and other parts of New South Wales.

CVCIA Landcare (fondly known as the CIA) has evolved to be chiefly involved in Cane Toad control and running the Indian (Common) Myna control program in the Clarence Valley.

The group was founded in November 2008 by Sharon Lehman as a way to network people wanting to actually help with and/or be involved in local conservation projects to actively help out our native wildlife. It is non-political with a focus to on-ground actions.

In 2009, the CIA became a Landcare group with the assistance of the Clarence Landcare.

Scott, a CIA volunteer, with a hand full of cane toads.

Cane toaders counting the evenings catch

The emphasis is on actually doing something and involving the whole family.
The “Toadies” have a great deal of fun and exercise, all while helping out the environment – what could be better?
So gear up and come along to a “toadbust” evening and if you prefer to have native birds in your backyard instead of Indian (Common) Mynas then contact us.  Or just Check out our Facebook to see some great photos and stories of our cane toad hunting and myna trapping.

Sharon Lehman, CVCIA Founder

Bevan Pugh the current CVCIA President